Vietnamese Iced Coffee

A dark roast dripped over condensed milk, then stirred and poured over ice.

Chicken Wings

Astonishingly tangy flavor that packs a kick of heat.

Grilled Mussels

A dozen hand-picked, topped with buttered scallions and served with a specialty dipping sauce.


Traditional beef bone broth prepared for over 24 hours.

Sesame Chicken

Original honey based glaze complemented with light chili flakes that is lightly fried.

Tomato Tofu

Lightly fried tofu, sautéed in a sweet and savory balance of tomato and vegetables with a lemon grass butter sauce, garnished with basil.

Curry Lamb

Locally raised lamb shanks simmered in our signature coconut-milk based curry.

Butter Scallops

Delicately combined with seasonal vegetables.